Pioneer in Medical Textile: 3TEKS

3Teks Medical Textile, which set out with the principles of cleanliness, meticulousness and follow-up, produces sterile disposable surgical drapes, gowns and sets, as well as non-sterile gowns, drapes and sheath groups, which are required by modern medicine, and constantly develops and renews its product groups according to the needs of its customers.

3Teks Promotional Film

To get to know 3Teks Medical Textile, which is among the pioneers of the industry when it comes to medical textiles, you can watch our promotional film by clicking the button below.

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General Surgery Packs, Urology Packs, ENT Packs, Orthopedics Packs, Ophthalmic Packs, Gynecology & Obstetrics Packs, Neurosurgery Packs, Cardiovascular Packs, Sterile Surgical Packs…


Surgical Blade, Scissors, Curved, Kocher Forceps, Skin Marker and Ruler, Umbilical Clamp, Automatic, Umbilical Clamp, Forceps, Kocher Forceps, Chemotherapy Glasses, Chemotherapy Gloves, Protective Mask, Glove, Betadine Sponge, Medical Waste, Bag, Suture Bag…


Tube Camera Cover, Microscope Cover, USG Probe Cover, Transparent PE Adhesive Drape, Transparent Tube Cover, Fluoroscopy Cover – Small, Fluoroscopy Cover – Medium, Fluoroscopy Cover – Large, Scopy Cover – Small, Scopy Cover – Medium…


Hydrophilic Gauze Bandage, Elastic Gauze Bandage, Sterile / Non-Sterile Elastic Bandages, Coban Bandage, Esmarch Bandages, Gauze Swabs, Gauze Swabs with Xray, Gauze Ball, Gauze Ball with Xray, Nonwoven Swabs, Nonwoven Swabs with Xray…


Flat Sterilization Reels, Gusset Sterilization Reels, Tyvek Sterilization Reels, Flat Pouches, Sterilization Reels and Pouches, Sterilization Wrap…

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