About Us


In the light of Pasteur’s researches, Joseph Lister and Heinrich Kohler did the groundwork for the modern concept of medical hygiene in early 1900s and pioneered in determining medical hygiene standards. Since then there have been major changes in medical hygiene understanding and revolutionary steps have been taken. One of the latest step is disposable, sterile medical products that significantly reduce the infection risk for patients, medical staff and patients’ visitors.

3Teks Medical Textile was established with purpose of meeting the needs of modern medicine and to make a significance in modern medicine and healthcare sector by raising the standards. 3Teks Medical Textile serves manufacturing disposable medical products up to world standards.

3Teks Medical Textile continuously develops and renews disposable medical drapes, gowns and covers up to modern medicine needs, achieving by principles Preciseness, Accuracy and Pursuance.

3Teks Medical Textile’s mission is to improve the quality in healthcare sector, and enhance the standards in healthcare sector by minimizing infection risk during and after operations, with the disposable products which are widely used in western countries. 3Teks Medical Textile’s vision is to extend the consumption of Disposable Sterile & Non-Sterile products and to be an innovative and dynamic leader in the sector.

3Teks Medical Textile manufactures without compromising in quality and hygiene, up to world standards under sterile conditions and focuses on customers needs as a business principle.

3Teks Medical Textile is certified by KIWA, Our certificates are; CE Certificate (CE 1984), Certificate of Quality Management System (EN ISO 13485:2016), TSE Product Certificate (TSE (EN ISO 13795+A1), certificates that required for production and sales of non-woven disposable gowns and drapes for medical use, both in Turkey and World-wide.

Sterilization of the products is done by Ethylene Oxide technique, beside due to customer requests 3Teks is utilizing the superior and most efficient Gamma Ray Sterilization technique, 3Teks Medical Textile aims at gaining the pioneering status in the sector.