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Sterilization of 3Teks Medical Textile products is by Ethylene Oxide Gas Technique and Gamma Radiation Technique. 3Teks ensures product liability with sterilization validation which is compatible to ISO 11135 standard for Ethylene Oxide and ISO 11137 standard for Gamma Radiation. 3Teks Medical Textile recommends Gamma Radiation Sterilization due to following features; Gamma Sterilization Technique which is mostly common in Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Medical Supplies Industry is different than other sterilization techniques;

  • Sterilization is completely achieved due to the high penetration ability of gamma rays,
  • More healthy as can be applied to packaged products,
  • Validation is easier,
  • Helps to reduce endotoxin levels,
  • Provides perfect security,
  • Gamma Rays don’t cause any radioactive or toxic residue on products as gamma rays during the sterilization process are not radioactive.


Gamma ray sterilized and non-woven 3Teks products are antibacterial and, bacterial growth on the fabric is not possible.


3Teks products which are made from light and non-woven fabrics, are antiallergenic as there are no chemicals during production and sterilization of the product. 3Teks products are skin-friendly, antiallergenic for the patient and medical staff.


Liquidproof and liquid repellant 3Teks products protect patients and medical staff against to infection risk. This function makes easy and comfortoble use of the product for medical staff, against getting wet and heavy fabric risk during the surgery .


3Teks products are made of breathable material, unlike the other classical medical textile materials, 3Teks products provide comfort and easy–operation for the medical staff during the surgery.


3Teks products made of non-woven fabrics are unique to provide extra hygiene and comfort to medical staff, patients and visitors. Based on the researches, non-woven disposable products which are liquid –proof and breathable, are reducing the infection risk as 56%, providing the maximum comfort for the patients and medical staff. 3Teks products are ecology friendly, recyclable, stored in special vacuumed packaging maintaining the sterility, easy to use and economocial.


Unlike the other classical medical textile products, disposable 3Teks products offer guaranteed hygiene ,3 and 5 years shelf life due to sterilization technique, and single – use dressing special for the patients and medical staff. Comparing to classical medical textile products, 3Teks products make saving on the followings;

More Economical Solutions

  • Investing in sterilization devices,
  • Classical medical textile product expenses,
  • Storage and inventory costs,
  • Electricity, water, detergent and chemicals used in the sterilization process,
  • Required labour cost during the sterilization process,
  • The cost of classical packs used and disposed after the high-risk operations. In addition to these cost savings, 3teks products will save the consumers from the labour and logistics force, which will offer easy – use and comfort for medical staff.