3Teks Medical Textile

Sterile Products

Sterilization of 3Teks Medical Textile products is by Ethylene Oxide (3 years shelf life) or by Gamma Radiation (5 years shelf life in vacuumed packaging) according to customer request.

3Teks Medical Textile products not only ensures protection for healthcare staff ,Patients and visitors but also improves healthcare services, save time and reduce costs. Sterile products are mainly as follows:

  • Sterile Surgical Packs
  • Sterile Drapes
  • Sterile Gowns

Non-Sterile Products

3Teks Non-Sterile Textile products are manufactured for procedures that require hygiene but not necessarily sterilization. Besides healthcare sector, these products are also geared towards food and pharmaceutical industries. Non-Sterile products help providing hygiene and raise service standards.

  • Non-Sterile Garments
  • Non-Sterile Patient Sets
  • Non-Sterile Drapes

Sterile Surgical Packs

3Teks Surgery Sets include all kinds of drapes, gowns and disposable com- ponents required for specific types of surgical operations. Content of the sets offered by 3Teks Medical Textile can be customized, it can be modified in accordance with specific needs and demands of the customers.

  • Manufactured from 100% Polypropylene,
  • Suitable for Steam Sterilization (121 c, 20 min) and for Ethylene Oxide Sterilization,
  • Translucent Color.

Sterile Transparent Covers, Sterile Consumables.

  • Hypoallergenic,
  • Breathable,
  • Consistent Elasticity,
  • Good Skin Tolerance,
  • Sterilizable,
  • Non-slipping.

3Flex: Hydrophilic Gauze Bandage
3Bandage: Elastic Bandages
3Swab: Gauze and Nonwoven Swabs

3Pack’s sterilization pouches and reels are Disposable Medical Devices especially produced to ensure the sterility of the contained material for number of years.


  • Intended to Sterilize Surgical Instruments and Other Medical Devices,
  • High Protection Against Bacteria
  • EN 868-5:2009, EN ISO 11607:2017, ISO 11140:2015,
  • Suitable for EO and STEAM
  • Easy Closure in All Cloure Machines.

Flat Sterilization Reels, Gusset Sterilization Reels, Tyvek Sterilization Reels, Flat Pouches, Tyvek Insert Pouches, Tyvek Headerbags.