Our Quality Policy

The basic policy of our company is to produce disposable sterile and non-sterile surgical drapes, surgical gowns and surgical sets in accordance with national and international standards.

3Teks Medical Textile; It determines its plans and strategies by complying with applicable legal requirements.

In management, EN ISO 13485:2016, national and international standards in product quality and Council Directive Concerning Medical Devices (93/42/EEC) official procedures are applied.

It aims to increase its current share in national and international markets and to continue to be a leading and reliable brand in its sector, to continuously develop and grow with its innovative investments and to create added value.

Always prioritizing our social responsibilities and worker health and safety:

  • To fulfill the requirements of the quality management system and to maintain the quality management system completely and effectively,
  • Determining our goals and objectives and monitoring them regularly,
  • Ensuring risk-based management of processes and making continuous improvements,
  • Continuously improving ourselves and our technology by producing with our trained and organized staff,
  • To ensure customer satisfaction by evaluating the feedback from our customers and to act within the framework of the principle of customer focus,
  • To ensure that employee satisfaction, loyalty and motivation are kept high through training programs that constantly support the development of our employees,
  • To comply with national and international legislation and to fulfill all legislative obligations regarding products,
  • Responding to changing and developing market needs,
  • Our top priority is to increase our efficiency by providing the resources required for all activities. In addition, we strive to inform our suppliers and eliminate technical deficiencies in order to ensure that they produce goods and services of the same quality as us.

We act with our innovative, honest, principled, conscientious sense of responsibility and our management approach in accordance with today’s quality concept.

General Manager