We aim to create value for our stakeholders through operational efficiency and continuous development, in a structure that embraces sustainable growth principles. For this reason, we carry out our activities with a comprehensive approach as well as high awareness of social and environmental issues. In order to create a better future in light of our values, we embrace sustainability at the Board of Directors level, direct all our activities with the awareness of our social and environmental responsibilities, and continue to implement exemplary projects and practices.

The main goal of all our economic activities is to increase social welfare by improving the quality of life of individuals. Through the activities we carry out, we act as a bridge for individuals to achieve a better life and directly contribute to efforts to create a sustainable future.

We have a structure that both evaluates the economic, social and environmental impacts of our company and analyzes the effects of the environment on our company and integrates them into our corporate strategy. In this way, we are committed to contributing to sustainable development goals with our ethical, fair, transparent and legal business conduct in order to increase positive impacts. On the other hand, we have a design that creates, implements and constantly improves the necessary management systems to minimize our risks and manage them in the most accurate way. In this process, we prioritize the opinions and expectations of our internal and external stakeholders and continue our work with a corporate structure that is aware of our economic, social and environmental responsibilities.